Pool, spa & deck renovation services

Leisure Pools of Naples has been servicing and renovating pools in the southwest Florida area for over 35 years. Our reliability, loyalty and longevity to the area can assure our customers that we will be on the job from start to finish for ANY renovation project. Our forte is taking your old pool and making it look like new again! We specialize in pool resurfacing, tile and coping replacement, re-decking and new equipment installation. The possibilities in transforming your backyard into a new oasis are endless. To schedule a consultation, please contact us at (239)598-2820 or via email at

Pool/Spa Resurfacing

Is the surface of your pool stained, have cracks, leaks or a rough surface? Pool surfacing is an affordable way to restore a look of elegance and beauty to your swimming pool. Leisure Pools of Naples can re-marcite your swimming pool with the industries leading brands of marcite including Diamond Brite™, Florida Pebble Aggregate, Pebbletec, and Stone Scapes. Each brand has a large selection of colors to match your new or existing color scheme.


Updating your old tile to a new tile color and pattern is a great way to enhance the appeal of your backyard oasis. Our renovation experts will help you select a tile that compliments your swimming pool's finish and the overall theme of your backyard.

Pool Coping & Decking

Another great way to update the look of both your swimming pool and backyard is to update the coping and/or pool decking. Old swimming pool coping can be replaced or added and will provide a dramatic difference between the edge of the water and the beginning of your decking. There are a variety of different decking options, including travertine, brick pavers and concrete pool decking. We can help you select from an array of coping and decking options that compliment your pool tile and finish.

New Equipment Installation

If the appearance of your pool needs renovated, chances are your pool equipment is probably outdated. Modern pool equipment will make maintaining your pool easier and more energy efficient. Some of the equipment changes that you might consider when renovating include pool pumps, gas and electric heaters, filtration systems, lighting systems, chlorinators, automation systems or a salt chlorination systems.  See our repair services link!